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Strength and conditioning for Pole - Neola Wilby

Bendy Kate - Upside Down Injuries : Prehab & Rehab

After years in the making – ‘Upside Down Injuries: Prehab and Rehab’ by Bendy Kate is here ! An A4 350 page book all about injuries, training, anatomy, physiology, energy systems, injury prevention, rehabilitation and the most important part – it is tailored to the Upside Down Industries!

Bendy Kate has used her knowledge from her degree in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, combined it with her 10+ years as a professional athlete to create this educational resource for coaches, both professional & recreational athletes and therapists. The aim is to try and increase the education and understanding of these sports and to better prepare the body for them.

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Expected delivery date: 20/10/2021 to 22/10/2021


  • Language : English
  • Paperback
  • Author: Kate Czepulkowski BSc Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • 12 chapters
  • 350 pages
The book begins with a long introduction where you can learn basic human anatomy and physiology. It then goes into the Injuries Chapter, which focuses on variables that can lead to injury, common types of injury in upside down sports, the results of Bendy’s study on injuries in upside down sports. Bendy discusses treatment and therapy options, as recovery should never be done completely alone! From there the book is separated into body parts, starting with the head and finishing with the feet. Each chapter begins with background information on anatomy and common injuries of the body part in question. Bendy believes there are 3 simple steps to rehab/prehab success: Mobility, Stability and Recovery. Therefore in each body part chapter you will find a section of active stretches to increase range of movement, strengthening exercises beneficial to upside down athletes and finishing with a soft tissue release section which you can use in your cool downs. Each chapter contains hundreds of exercises with clearly illustrated images and text to explain the exercises. Exercises are group together according to their muscle group or function (i.e. rotator cuff, or proprioception exercises).

The book contains thousands of images showing a wide variety of rehab and prehab exercises and lots of anatomy images to help the information sink in effectively. Most exercises are difficulty coded so you can understand how to progress or regress the difficulty.

We only get one body – let’s use it wisely.

Please note: 

The book is suitable for all abilities, but not aimed at complete beginners to exercise. The book is a tool to use alongside the help of professional therapists, it is not a tool to replace therapists or to diagnose your injury. If you are unsure about exercises consult a health professional first, and receive some training from a specialist before you dive into the book. Treat your copy with care if you want to ensure longevity of the book!

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