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B Pole for X-Pole Xpert Pro T-Gold 45mm

B Pole for X-Pole Xpert Pro T-Gold 45mm

Upper Dome Chrome for X-Pole X-Pert poles

Upper Dome Chrome for X-Pole X-Pert poles

Carry Case for X-Pole Xpert Set

Custom fit X-POLE X-PERT (NX) Carry case.

Designed for maximum portability & protection.

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X-Pole products bought from our website are only delivered to Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica), Switzerland, and some other E.U. countries. Other destinations contact us

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X-Pole Xpert Height Chart

X-Pert pole by X-Pole are dispatched with 2 extensions: one of 125mm and the other of 250mm.

Use this guide to determine if you need to purchase additionnal extension.

  1. Measure your ceiling then find the correct height on the charts below
  2. If the corresponding Pole has a PURPLE color extension, then you will need to purchase the specified length extension 
  3. If the corresponding Pole has only white colored extension, you don't need to purchase additionnal extension. 
  4. Additional X-Joint aren't required if you follow the height charts below (each Pole set comes with 3 X-Joints).
  5. It is strongly recommended to purchase a big extension rather than assembling several small ones for safety reasons. 
  6. If you order an extension without following the height charts, you may not be able to mount your pole properly. If in doubt, contact us.
  7. Note: for ceilings exceeding 3370mm, it is advised to switch to an X-Pole Competition model.

extensions fournies extensions additionnelles

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