Basic Spins & Transitions - Pole Deck

Basic Spins & Transitions - Pole Deck

Pole Deck Duo Pack

Pole Deck Duo Pack

Climbs & Sits - Pole Deck

Climbs & Sits contains 50 inspiring pole cards with all your favourite basic moves. This deck has been specifically designed to cater to beginner/intermediate levels.

Pole climbs are an important part of pole dancing; they help you move up and down the pole with ease and grace. At first glance, sits seem to be very basic, but there are so many variations and shapes to be discovered and reacquainted. The cards will give you the opportunity to combine different figures sitting on the pole, while experimenting with transitions. Randomly draw cards to create endless variations in a fun way!

This deck does not contain any upside-down figures, so it is accessible from beginner level. There is a short description in English, and the level and category of the tricks on each card.

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Expected delivery date: 20/10/2021 to 22/10/2021
  • 50 illustrated cards

  • 9.5 x 14 cm

  • short descriptions in English

  • Level and category icons

  • Level: beginner to intermediate

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