Barre de Pole Dance Lupit Pole Diamond (Spinning & Statique) 45mm

LUPIT POLE DIAMOND G2 stainless steel 45mm

Lupit Pole Stage Podium de pole dance

LUPIT POLE STAGE Stainless Steel 45mm

Crash Mat M-Pole 10cm (4") for Stage poles

This 10cm (4") thick crash mat from M-Pole secures your training at home or at the studio.

This mattress can be folded in 4, each part being attached to another. It fastens with velcro strips placed on the bottom of the mat.

Available in multiple colors, it will fit your interior.

Diameter 160cm, compatible with X-Stage and Lupit Pole Stage podiums.

M-Pole crash mats are made to order by the workshop. The estimated production time is currently 1 to 2 weeks.

As low as €215.00
In stock

The 10 cm thick (4") M-Pole mat is made with polyurethane foam. The surface is softer than the 4cm thick crash mats, and allows to better cushion falls from higher heights.

  • Material: Foam (35 kg / m3) + PVC
  • Diameter :160cm (5"25') 
  • Solid color

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