Spray corps antidérapant Dew Point 133ml

Dew Point Pole Classic 4.5 oz (133ml)

iTac2 Pole Dance Grip 45g

iTac2 Pole Dance Grip 45g

iTac2 Pole Cleaner Spray

iTac2 Pole Cleaner is the first product on the market specifically designed to keep your pole clean and free from bacteria.

Gentle for the hands and eco-friendly. 

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The spray Itac2 Pole Cleaner was designed to keep your pole clean and free from bacteria, and to remove easily iTac2 residue. 

It is formulated with natural native lemon myrtle essential oil.

Why use the iTac2 Pole Cleaner?

• Fast action. Saves times and works perfectly.
• Hygienic. It destroys bacteria and dissolves fats.
• Gentle for the hands. Unlike alcohol, it will not damage your hands.
• Economic. Over 800 applications in every 250ml bottle and 400 applications in every 125ml bottle.
• Eco-friendly, with a pleasant smell.
• Doesn't contain aggressive chemicals.

How to apply?

Best when used with a microfiber cloth. Spray cloth once or twice and then wipe pole. Turn cloth over and dry. For stubborn areas spray directly on pole and wait 20 seconds before wiping.

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