Magnetic Grip 100ml

Magnetic Grip 100ml

Polove My Grip Liquid Anti-Slip

Polove My Grip Liquid Anti-Slip

Monkey Hands Grip 80ml

Monkey Hands is specialized in grip aid solutions for sports. These 4 gels are designed specifically for pole dancers and aerialists. The creators have developed 4 formulas which they have honed to perfection over the last few years :

- Classic (Blue): Helps your hands stop sweating and provides SLIGHT additional grip when practising. Excellent for more experienced pole dancers.

- Sticky (Red): Helps your hands stop sweating and provides STRONG additional grip when practising. Best for beginners and pole dancers who struggle with sweaty hands.

- Sensitive Skin (Purple): Helps your hands stop sweating and provides SLIGHT additional grip when practising. It contains an additional ingredient to help pole dancers who are prone to skin irritations. 

- Gluey (Green): Dries your hands and provides a VERY STRONG additional grip when practicing. Unlike the other grips of this line, the Gluey comes after a process of slow-cooked rosin. This long process helps to create a formula that washes off very easily compared to other rosin-based grips in the market, and of course, it is antibacterial!

Airless bottle benefits:

  1. Protection from excessive exposure to air provides your liquid product with a longer shelf life. 
  2. The vacuum dispensing effect draws up a disc and dispenses the product out of the bottle. This creates less liquid wastage.
  3. A higher-quality packaging solution.
  4. The liquid contents are dispensed via a metal-free path removing the risk of oxidization.
  5. Airless containers can dispense equally well on their side or upside down due to the vacuum dispensing system.

Premium airless bottle packaging is designed to reduce product waste. Please do not throw the tiny plastic lid, it is important to protect the spray channel from drying. 

Bottle Size: 80ml

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How-to apply:

- Wash and dry your hands before using

- Shake well, apply a small amount and spread throughout the area of the hands

- Let it dry for 10-20 seconds

- For best results apply as many times as necessary

- To remove it, use warm water and soap

Ingredients: Isoamy laurate, c10-c30 acrylates, cros-polymer acrylates, alcohol, silica.

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