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Pole Cleaner iTac2 Spray

iTac2 Pole Cleaner Spray

Dew Point Pole Classic 4.5 oz (133ml)

This non-slip spray for pole dance naturally hydrates your skin for a better grip. Whether you are sick of having to choose between dry, ashy skin and the pole or having trouble gripping with certain body holds due to dry skin, Dew Point Pole has a solution for you! 

This is going to be a staple in your dance bag! Featuring an easy spray top, and available in 3 different formulas; you're gonna LOVE you 4.5 oz Dew Point!

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It can be used as your daily moisturizer without worry. Spray it on in the morning after a shower and whether it is 8 minutes or 8 hours later; you are able to pole without worry.  Also, when your skin is dry, body holds are much more difficult to execute because your skin slides when you need it to stick. Dew Point™ gives just the right amount of oil-free moisture to help your body grip the pole. So whether you are doing the Gemini or the Jade, your skin has what it needs. And, with 3 different formulas- light, medium and ultra- there is something to suit every skin type.


  • No oil. Don't stick, grease or leave any residue
  • Hydrates without slipping down
  • A grip which is also good for your skin 
  • Ideal for pole dance, aerial silk, aerial hoop
  • Available in Light, Medium, Ultra
  • Capacity: 4.5oz


  • Light: Works well in humid climates and/or for people who have normal to oily skin.
  • Medium: Works well in average to humid climates and/or for people with dry to normal skin.
  • Ultra: Works well in dry to normal climates and/or for people with very dry to normal skin.

It is common to use 2 formulas. One for winter when the air is drier, and one for summer when it is more humid.

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