Bendy Kate - Upside Down Injuries : Prehab & Rehab

Bendy Kate - Upside Down Injuries : Prehab & Rehab

Strength & Conditioning Bible - Spin City

Strength & Conditioning Bible - Spin City

Strength and conditioning for Pole - Neola Wilby

Over 460 pages of pole geeking awaits! Anatomy, biomechanics, strength and conditioning for pole...the ultimate pole text book is here !

It breaks down the physical demands of pole dance and how we can train OFF the pole to achieve the movements and shapes we need to make ON the pole. 

Progress faster, perform better, reduce your risk of injury !

A well-designed strength and conditioning programme reflects the characteristics and skills of an athlete's sport - including the specific muscle groups, energy systems and mechanical forces involved. Strength and Conditioning for Pole is the ultimate resource for pole-specific exercises.

This book analyses the movements, shapes and physiology of pole dance. It provides a step-by-step formula so you can benchmark your strength and flexibility and work towards improving it in a logical, progressive way that is unique to pole.

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Expected delivery date: 20/10/2021 to 22/10/2021


  • Language : English
  • Paperback
  • Author: Neola Wilby
  • 462 pages

Neola Wilby is a Level 4 qualified personal trainer, strength coach and fitness writer. Her writing has been published in Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Her fitness qualifications, as they currently stand, include:

  • Precision nutrition (Pn1) coach
  • Exercise to Music Level 2
  • Gym instructor Level 2
  • Personal trainer Level 3
  • Pre and post-natal specialist Level 3
  • Strength and conditioning Coach Level 4
  • Xpert Level 2 Pole Instructor
  • TRX instructor
  • Spin City Stretch and Flexibility certification

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