X-Joint Adapter

X-Pole X-Joint Adaptor

Kit barres Chrome pour podium X-Pole X-Stage (barre seule)

Chrome Pole Set for X-Pole X-Stage podium (pole only)

X-POLE XPERT PRO Chrome (with X-Lock)

X-POLE XPERT PRO Chrome takes the best of the X-Pole Xpert pole while adding the "X-Lock" system and a newly designed, smaller, upper dome.

The XPERT PRO is equipped with the exclusive "X-Lock" system, which allows you to switch from static to spinning in an instant and back with just a flick of the wrist, no tools needed. It has never been this simple to switch from a mode to another. 

This product is subject to additional shipping charges.

As low as €290.00
In stock

X-Pole products bought from our website are only delivered to Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica), Switzerland, and some other E.U. countries. Other destinations contact us. 


  • Spinning/Static option - lock the pole for static and unlock for spinning
  • X-LOCK allows you to switch from static to spinning in an instant and back with just a flick of the wrist, no tools needed.
  • Minimised, sleeker upper dome
  • Adjustable height at the bottom - no ladder needed
  • Featuring X-JOINT technology – easy to use and quick to install
  • Smooth pole from top to bottom – no sharp edges between the tubes 
  • Micro base articulated – easy to install, even on uneven floors 
  • Extensible height from 2260mm to 2755mm with all the pieces provided 
  • Optional extensions for ceiling heights up to 3380mm


  • Base: articulating micro base for minimum contact and maximum support
  • A-Pole (bottom pole): with X-Lock system
  • B-Pole (top pole)
  • Extension 12,5cm
  • Extension 25 cm 
  • 1x 180mm X-Joint
  • 2x 200mm X-Joints 
  • Top adapter – Attaches at the top of the last piece of the pole to connect to the upper dome
  • Upper dome – 28cm diameter
  • Hex Key – The only tool you will need to install your pole dance XPERT Pro.
Carry case not included but available as an accessory HERE.

What is the difference between coatings? 

Specifications Grip level
Chrome Best-seller, good value for money. Perfectly suitable for standard use. 6/10
Stainless Stainless steel, resist bad weather, minimise allergies risks. Ideal to install by the seaside. Standard grip. Grip standard. 6/10
T-Gold Electronically coated to increase grip. Golden aspect.  7/10
Brass Solid polished brass with a really good grip which improves with times and use of the pole. Ideal for humid climates or people who sweat a lot.   8/10
Powder Coated Suitable for dancers with grip issues. 9/10
Silicone Pink or black. Ideal to practice with clothes on, to do acrobatics or flags.  10/10

What is the difference between diameters? 

  • 40mm - the thinnest, advised for small hands or advanced users
  • 45mm - good hand grip, the standard used in world competitions and a majority of studios 

>> Extensions guide here

Products from the same brand

The delivery time for X-POLE product is approximatively 2-4 business days. The time may vary depending on stocks availability from the supplier. We will inform you then. 

X-POLE products purchased on our website are only delivered to Metropolitan France (except Corsica), Switzerland, and some E.U. countries.

Shipping cost for poles, extensions and accessories are as follow:

X-POLE X-Pole pole or accessory X-Pole X-Stage
Metropolitan France from 29 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Belgium from 29 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Switzerland from 70 € excluding tax from 210 € excluding tax
Germany from 29 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Austria from 34 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Spain from 34 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Ireland from 35 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Italy from 34 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Luxembourg from 34 € including tax from 180 € including tax
The Netherlands from 29 € including tax from 180 € including tax
Portugal from 36 € including tax from 180 € including tax
United Kingdom from 10 € including tax from 60 € including tax

The delivery cost may increase depending on the type and/or the number of items ordered, following in consequence of the weight and volumes of the parcel. 

Specificity of pre-orders : some X-pole items can be pre-ordered, in which case this would be mentioned on the relevant product page.

When a product is in pre-order, it means it is no longer in stock at X-Pole but available on the waiting list only. A pre-order then allows you to have an item reserved for you within the next shipment.

An indicative delivery time will also be indicated when ordering. This is an estimate that can evolve depending on the supply condition encountered. If in doubt regarding a pre-ordered product do not hesitate to contact us.

X-Pole Xpert Height Chart

X-Pert pole by X-Pole are dispatched with 2 extensions: one of 125mm and the other of 250mm.

Use this guide to determine if you need to purchase additionnal extension.

  1. Measure your ceiling then find the correct height on the charts below
  2. If the corresponding Pole has a PURPLE color extension, then you will need to purchase the specified length extension 
  3. If the corresponding Pole has only white colored extension, you don't need to purchase additionnal extension. 
  4. Additional X-Joint aren't required if you follow the height charts below (each Pole set comes with 3 X-Joints).
  5. It is strongly recommended to purchase a big extension rather than assembling several small ones for safety reasons. 
  6. If you order an extension without following the height charts, you may not be able to mount your pole properly. If in doubt, contact us.
  7. Note: for ceilings exceeding 3380mm, it is advised to switch to an X-Pole Competition model.
xpert pro height chart

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