Bendy Kate Advanced Stretching Technique 2

Bendy Kate "Advanced Stretching Technique 2" (2nd edition) book is the reference to guide you through your flexibility journey.

19 chapters on the different body parts, with thousands of images to illustrate the stretching techniques, will help you reach your flexibility goals.

 The second edition has doubled in size and includes much more theory on the anatomy and physiology behind flexibility

Language: English

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Expected delivery date: 20/10/2021 to 22/10/2021

Advanced Stretching Technique 2 by Bendy Kate is the second edition of the incredibly popular ‘Advanced Stretching Technique’ released in 2016. The second edition has doubled in size, has thousands of new images, new chapters and tons of new theory and anatomy! This training resource book begins with an intro section, answering those most commonly asked questions about stretching, then goes into the physiology and anatomy behind flexibility training. This flexibility encyclopaedia is separated into 11 easy to follow chapters starting from the head and ending with the toes! The book also includes 8 bonus sections on; dynamic flexibility, active flexibility, foam roller, partner stretches, contortion, a new duo contortion section and more!

Understanding more about stretching and the human body is the key to your stretching success.

The book is suitable for mixed abilities, but not aimed at complete beginners to exercise. There are plenty of beginners stretches included for people who are new to stretching and want to improve their flexibility. If you’re new to stretching, we recommend that you consult a health professional first, and receive some training from a stretching specialist before you dive into the book.

Bendy Kate, the founder of The Bendy Brand, is a woman of many talents. She is a contemporary and original performer specialising in pole, aerial, hand balancing and acrobatics. Asides from headlining at incredible events around the world she has won titles such as; World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion 2014, IPSF World Pole Sports Runner Up 2013 and UK Professional Pole Championships (Elite Champion) 2011, 2012 and 2013.


  • Language: English
  • Paperback
  • Author: Kate Czepulkowski (BSc Hons Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation)
  • 19 chapters
  • 396 pages

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