Lupit Pole Grip

Lupit Pole Grip

iTac2 Pole Dance Grip 20g

iTac2 Pole Dance Grip Compact 20g

iTac2 STICK IT - Pole Fitness Grip

The iTac2 Stick It grip is designed to improve your grip on the pole to succeed all your tricks. Highly recommended for all pole dancers, from beginners to experts.

Available in Regular or Extra Strength.

Stick version for an easy and fast application.

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iTac2 Pole Dance Grip works by adding the perfect level of moisture and stick to the skin providing a strong, reliable gripping surface for your body – helping you to improve control while conserving energy and repelling sweat and moisture

iTac2 is clean, safe, and economical. Made using all Natural and Organic Ingredients from Clean Australian Forests.

The stick version allows you not to apply to your hands and to control the amount of product you want.


We recommend Regular Strength Grip for static poles and Extra Strength for spinning poles.


  • The unique formulation does not leave a white residue on your skin or clothing

  • Very economical – 12g stick containing over 40 Applications

  • iTac2 can be used by all pole dancers, from beginners to experts.

Easy Directions:

Rub onto your body, then wait one minute for the iTac2 to activate.

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